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Hamilton Prepares for Temporary Sewer Function Shut Down
Hamilton Prepares for Temporary Sewer Function Shut Down
Hamilton Prepares for Temporary Sewer Function Shut Down

Published on: 01/25/2023


The Town of Hamilton is preparing to reline approximately 5,200 feet of sewer line, which will require service to be shut off for residents during periods of the work.

The project is expected to take place in March or April and will be accomplished in two nine-day phases. The greatest impact on residents will occur during the second phase, when the contractor, Visu Sewer, will shut down segments of the town’s sewer line. Hamilton Project Planner Earl Dubin said residents can expect eight-hour blocks without sewer function.

Under the plan, each residence will only be impacted by one of the eight-hour shutdowns during the nine-day phase.

“We will be going from manhole to manhole, that’s how the lining process works and those homes in that stretch will be affected for that day, that eight-hour period or less,” Dubin said. “And then when we’re done, we’re done. The process is done, and we’ll move on to the next section.”

The sewer shutdown will result in a loss of functions such as flushing toilets and running washing machines or dishwashers. Dubin said 90 to 100 residences are expected to be affected by this shutdown.

He also said residents can expect lane and road closures throughout the town including on East Colonial Highway, adding that the contractor had been specifically instructed to do that work on a weekend to not affect commuter traffic.

The first phase will have a limited impact on residents and will not affect their sewer function. Contractors will clean the pipes and perform other preparatory work on the lines. Dubin said the only expected impact on residents during this phase is traffic congestion and road closures.

Dubin said the town will be sending letters to each of the homes that will be affected by the closures as well as going door to door just prior to the project to ensure that each resident is aware of the shutdown and are able to ask any questions that they might have.

“We really have a duty and a responsibility to ensure that our residents are informed and that we can get this done with the least amount of impact on them,” he said adding, “We’ve made it real clear to the contractor how important our town residents are and to provide great customer service to them and so if there is any concern on the part of the residents, we’ll have people on site there that they can come and talk to.”

Dubin said residents with concerns or questions can contact him via the Hamilton Town Office at 540-338-2811.

“If there’s any concerns, any questions that residents would have, we’re really here for them. This is all about making our town better, and our treatment of waste and such like that much more efficient, certainly in regard to the permit we have with the state Department of Environmental Quality. We’re here for our residents,” he said.

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